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Softball FAQ

What is Central St. Croix Rec (CSCR) Softball?  The CSCR Softball program provides girls grades 3-12 an opportunity to play softball in a healthy and positive environment regardless of ability or experience. Our program is divided into two primary leagues: Tri County League and Recreational League. These leagues allow for both player development and appropriate levels of competitiveness. The program is also divided by age and grade levels.

What is the Recreational softball league?  This softball league is for girl at the 10U level (3rd-4th grade as of the registration date). This league provides a positive environment in which participants enjoy playing softball and continue to develop and improve softball skills. Players begin to pitch with coach assistance and umpires are added.

What is Tri County Fastpitch League?  This is a regional competitive traveling softball league for girls up to age 18. The Tri County Fastpitch League was established in 1972 to promote fastpitch softball for girls in the St. Paul/Minneapolis metropolitan area and now part of Western Wisconsin.  The league acts as a clearinghouse for interested communities, and limits itself to the scheduling of league games between member associations, determines state tournament advancing and corresponding player eligibility standards. The Central St. Croix Rec program offers participation in the Tri County League for girls in 3rd-12th grade. This league requires player participation in an annual assessment.  Please visit for more information regarding this league.

Tri County League

10U – Combined 3rd and 4th graders

12U – Combined 5th and 6th graders

14U – Combined 7th and 8th graders (9th graders born after Dec 31st may play 14U if there is room on the roster

16U /18U Combined – 9th-12th graders

Are players from other communities allowed to participate on CSCR softball teams?  CSCR softball is open for St. Croix Central students only. We will occasionally accept a player from another town if their town does not offer a team at their level or if they were cut from a team in their home town.

Do I select the league I want my player to participate in during registration?  No. Players will be placed within the appropriate level based on our assessments held annually in February as well as a review done by youth coaches on the softball committee. 

What about T-Ball?  Please see the information under the Sports/T-Ball tab on the CSCR web site.

Who oversees the CSCR Softball Program?  A formal softball committee was created in 2018. Organizational details and contact information can be found under the Softball Committee tab. We encourage community members to support our teams by joining the committee and volunteering.

What are the age requirements for the Tri County League?  CSCR Tri County League is open to girls in grades 3rd-12th.

What are the Tri County League competitive levels within each age group (U-level)?  A; B; C

  • A - The highest competitive level and every community shall have the right to enter teams in the A level.
  • B - The intermediate level, primarily intended to provide a uniform competitive experience for communities that are not able to compete at the A level or communities that already have teams at the A level.
  • C - This level is essentially designed to be a developmental league to provide a competitive experience until players are ready to advance to a higher competitive level.

What are the travel requirements for players/parents in the Tri County League?  Central St. Croix Rec softball teams playing Tri County can expect travel to both local and more distant (within a 60 mile radius) communities for away games.  Examples of local communities include River Falls, Hudson, New Richmond, Baldwin, and Prescott. Examples of distant communities include Apple Valley, White Bear Lake, and North St. Paul. Players and parents can expect 2-3 tournaments (within a 90 mile radius) on weekends during season.

If my daughter plays Tri County, will we be playing softball every weekday/weekend all summer?  No! There are usually 12 weeknight games, a state qualifier tournament, and a state tournament. In addition, individual teams may play in as few or many tournaments as agreed upon by coaches and player parents. The Central St. Croix Rec Program pays for up to two additional tournaments.

How are players selected for Tri County teams?  An assessment of all registered softball players (3rd - 12th grade) will take place annually in February.

What is the player evaluation process?  On the day of assessments, each player will be assigned a number and given an assessment form.  No player names will be used during the assessment process.  

Who evaluates each player?   St. Croix Central High School coaches will conduct the evaluation of each player.   In addition, high school softball players may assist with setting up and tearing down the gym for assessments. Youth coaches may run drills to assist, but only the high school coaches determine and record the scores.

Will a player be automatically placed on a Tri-County or In House team if they participated on a Tri-County or In House team the year prior? No. Players will be re-evaluated each year and placed on the appropriate team based on skill level.

Will parents be allowed in the gym to watch the evaluation?  To maintain the integrity of the evaluation process, access will be limited to players and evaluation staff. Youth coaches will be allowed to observe or assist with drills, but will not record scores.

Will parents be allowed to see their player’s evaluation results?   Players will be assigned numbers and names will not be used. Assessment results will be kept confidential. If parents have questions about player development, we encourage them to reach out to the softball director and/or coaches.

Will a player be allowed to “play up” to the next U-level?  In other words, if a 10 year old player would like to play on the U12 team (vs the U10 team), will this be allowed?  Players will be able to play with other kids within their current age level. 

What happens if my player does not make the Tri County team? No player will be cut. Every player will be placed on a Tri County team or Recreational team. All players will be notified after the assessments which team they have been placed on. Notifications will be communicated during the month of March.

How are the Recreational League rosters selected?  Players will be placed on the appropriate team based on assessments held annually in February, as well as a review done by youth coaches on the softball committee. 

How are the coaches selected for each team?  Based on those who volunteer during the registration process, the CSCR Softball Committee will select all coaches and assistant coaches. Coaches who do not attend some Sunday Skills Sessions January-April may not be selected.

When does registration open?  Softball Registration occurs annually in January. This early registration allows everyone to be prepared for the upcoming season, including roster and coach selections, scheduling, field assignments, jersey and equipment ordering, etc. 

What is the cost for player registration?  Central St. Croix Rec Softball fees are as follows:

  • U10 through U18 - $100 per player.  An additional $125 will be charged for players who participate in the Tri County League.  

How is my registration fee spent?  Central St. Croix Rec strives to keep all registration fees at a minimum and as affordable as possible. Our fees are very favorable in comparison to other local communities and include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  • Tri County's league fee of $600 per team
  • Two paid tourneys per team, up to $400 each, totaling up to $800 per team
  • State tourney gate fee of $100 per team
  • Umpire fees -$100 per double-header
  • Jerseys
  • Coach shirts
  • Spare team equipment: helmets, facemasks, bats, catcher's gear
  • Practice equipment: soft toss nets, wiffle balls, practice balls, tees, equipment totes
  • One dozen official game balls per team
  • Paying an individual to chalk fields before games
  • Chalk
  • Coach ACE certification fee (required by league)
  • Coach background check fee
  • As needed items such as: infield rake/drag broom, field chalker machine, temporary outfield fences, field updates

When does spring softball season start/end?  Generally, practice for Tri County teams begins in April with games starting in May. Recreational team practices begin in April or May with games starting in June. Spring/Summer softball ends in mid-July.  The coach of each team will communicate start dates once rosters and schedules are completed in late March/early April.