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Softball Committee Organization

Softball Committee 

Softball Committee Mission:
Our mission is to create collaboration between coaches and parents, working together to teach and grow skills, to not only create a successful feeder program for the high school team, but to teach leadership and confidence in both sports and everyday life.

What we do:
-Meet monthly, unless otherwise agreed upon due to softball game/tourney schedules (i.e. – late June, July)
-Make decisions regarding registration fees, uniform provider, and equipment needs.
-Find, schedule, and track field preppers and umps, working with the district office for payment.
-Design and choose uniforms, coordinate with screen printing place.
-Create spring ball and fall ball registrations and send to web admin to edit and send to Sports Engine to open.
-Schedule and plan open gym, ensuring station coverage and supervision.
-Plan and hold assessments for spring ball, create teams.
-Attend Tri County or league meetings, sharing info with our coaches at committee meetings.
-Inventory equipment and arrange transport to and from coaches.
-Coordinate with Hudson’s In-House league (as needed) to register SCC teams and host games.
-Gather checks for league fees and tourney fees, may have own budget or checkbook soon.

Volunteering is a great way to contribute for those unable to coach.

Current Committee Roles

  • Committee Chair -  Corey Sanders
  • Tball-Machine Pitch Director/Rec Board Ex Officio – Emily Goetsch
  • Equipment Director – Jeff Sanders
  • In-House Director – Amy Nelson
  • 18U/16U Coaches - TBD upon player registration
  • 14U Coaches- Chad Wolske, Becky Brunner, Jason Thoen, Melanie Wolf, Chris Rydberg, Jeff Sanders, Ryan Peterson
  • 12U Coaches- Staci Lindus, Greg Wilke, Lindsay Huerd, Chad Gordon, Sarah Hubbard, Jeff Bihner
  • 10U Coaches- Amy Nelson, Chad Goetsch, Nic and Kerrie Been, Lindsay Olson, Dana Balsavich, Nick Reetz
  • 8U and Tball coaches – to be determined upon player registration

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fundraising Coordinator(s) – create and organize fundraisers, recruit volunteers and track income, i.e. meat raffles, burger nights, etc
  • Town Hall Shed Coordinator(s)– work with baseball committee and rec board to plan and design shed construction process, evaluate costs, seek donations from local businesses, and recruit construction volunteers as needed
  • Concession Coordinator(s) for games help at Hammond Large Park– work with baseball committee and rec board to get food/drinks, create staffing schedule
  • Field Maintenance Coordinator(s) – chalk and rake fields for games, evaluate which fields need TLC, share with committee or rec board, work with Mosquito Minus, confirm each field has porta potty, mow if needed (rare)
  • Administrator – keep minutes and share with committee after meeting, send out upcoming meeting agenda
  • Website Designer - redesign spring ball page, fall ball page, and registration page layout and language
  • Promotor(s) – encourage kids to play/parents to sign up using social media and school announcements, create ways to promote softball at school such as handouts, asking students to encourage other students to play, or short presentation in classrooms (?)

Most of these could be done with two people if it feels overwhelming to do alone. We feel the softball program would drastically improve if these duties were shared among new committee members, rather than one person splitting their focus on so many different tasks. We will absolutely support whoever takes on these roles.

Questions? Suggestions?

Please let us know if you are interested in helping. All are still welcome to attend these meetings whether you have a role or not. Please invite others, the more the merrier!

Thank you,

Corey Sanders